Monday, 13 April 2009

Monday 13.04.

Bank holiday chic it is not........ But it is bank holiday casual!!

And casual is just how I feel today, so casual that I have Birkenstocks on my feet! I am in full on holiday countdown mode and work is just something that I am going to have to endure for the next 6 days!
I hope to be able to head home at around 4pm this afternoon (although I would love it just as much if I was so busy that I had to stay open).

The new famous Forever t-shirts came into stock last week and I just had to have this one with Oscar from Sesame Street and the words "Lets go green" on it - I thought that it was very apt as I have been doing a lot in the garden over the weekend!

Today's outfit is:

Jeans - Diesel
T-shirt - Famous Forever
Shoes - Brikenstock


Ally said...

That tshirt is awesome! Love it!!!

Lmac said...

Love the shirt! Are you up for parting with it :)

Sher said...

My fav was the Cookie Monster LOL!