Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Tuesday 07.04.

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I had a lovely afternoon off with my bf yesterday - we went for lunch and we then went for a drive along the coast and a nice big long walk. I ended up being in bed asleep for 9pm last night!

It is just as well as today has been a bit of a battle. I had an early appointment before work (which meant lots of rushing around) and I feel like I have been on the phone battling with people all day!

There is a huge problem with parking in the area round my shop - there is not a huge amount of spaces that are free and they are 90% of the time taken up by staff from other businesses. Myself and a few others have decided that enough is enough and that we are going to try and do something about it. I have been on the phone to the council, the police and the traffic wardens office and I am no further forward. But I have found out that this bothers more people than I thought it did. Lets hope that this gets sorted out soon as I am losing sales!

Today's outfit is:

Purple knit dress - Mossimo Target
Black tights - SkunkFunk
Purple bangles - Forever 21
Necklace - Forever 21
Purple shoes - Forever 21


Jane said...

That dress looks so very good on you BG, color and all! I purchased a very lovely bracelet yesterday from a boutique, and it is in the same shades of lavendars, violets, and orchids. I am in love with it!
As for the parking, can't you just post some markers out, "For my customer's only!". :) *Just kidding*
Glad you enjoyed your afternoon out with your bf. I too love dates with my husband, we have them a few times a month, dinners, movies, symphonies, plays, etc.

Milly said...

cute dress...good luck with the parking dilemma

Zuzuli said...

Love the flutter sleeves!