Thursday, 30 April 2009

Thursday 30.04.

The holiday is over and I am back to working life with a thud!!!!

I had an amazing 8 days in the Bahamas, I will share some pictures (there are lots) etc when I have time to get all of the snaps uploaded!

I have spent this morning, so far, unpacking some of the 30 - yes 30 - boxes of new styles that arrived while I was away. My mum and sisters did what they could but there were lots of things that they had no prices for! Oh, and I had no mobile phone coverage what so ever so I was not reachable for the entire time (bliss).

I feel nice and Spring like in this outfit, even though the weather is not very much like Spring. We arrived home yesterday to a COLD day (had to put the heating on and get under a duvet) it is not so cold today, but it is horrid drizzly rain! I am sure it is just a short term blip!!!

Today's outfit is:

Black dress - Topshop
Cream belt - Primark
Cream & black shoes - Primark
Faux pearls - eBay
Earrings - H&M


Jane said...

Wow, you look relaxed and sunkissed BG! Vacations can do wonders, I swear. Glad you are back and I love your dress, looks really cute on you! :)

SHOEGAL said...

Great to have you back!
Look at you all tanned...
The weather is pants at the moment but I think it will improve for the weekend.

Jilliebeanie said...

Glad you're back! Your daily entries were missed. You tan very nicely!