Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Time away.....

I did not post at the weekend as I was not in the shop. We were off on our first family holiday - 2 nights away in Aberfoyle, near Loch Lomond!

I was fabulous. We did nothing, and I mean nothing. We spent almost no money (you have to love when that happens) as we were staying in a family timeshare property and we took my parents along with us....... Honestly, we bought all of the supplies before we went and other than a few nice long walks around the loch we just chilled, ate and drank!

Aberfoyle is in a beautiful part of the world and it is only 2 hours drive from our doorstep. On the drive there it rained, but as we were unloading the car it stopped and stayed off for the entire time that we were there.

While there my BF and I chatted about what we are planning for the shop, for him and I and for us as a family. I think that we have managed to put some plans in place - for the shop especially.

Anyway, I just thought I would post, as we chatted about how I miss blogging but just can not seem to find the time! I leave you with the picture of the view from our balcony!!


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The Treasure Store said...

Sounds wonderful! What a beautiful view!!!