Tuesday, 15 March 2011

A catch up.......

It has been a while since I have blogged and I thought I would do a quick catch up post.

This last week has been a hard one. Everyone in my family (and extended family) is all good and well. But work and other stuff are not so good. We have had horrid wet weather for the first time in ages and it always really slows things down in the shop. I have also had some problems with new styles being slow on getting to me (but we seem to be getting that sorted out now). Then last week one of the girls that helps me out in the shop announced that she was leaving! That is fine and I know that people move on but her timing is lousy as she finishes 3 days before we head off on holiday for 10 days! But I think I have pretty much got things sorted out for while I am away and I will deal with the everything else when we get back.
On the same day that this happened we got a HUGE gas bill in and N got a tax bill! It never rains but it pours!!

My weight watcher journey is so far going well. I have never felt so positive about any diet that I have done. I have used Weight Watchers before but never with the success that I have had so far. Tomorrow (Wednesday) will be my fourth weigh in and I am excited to see what the scales show. I set myself a mini target for going on holiday and this week will show whether I have achieved it.
So far I have lost 7.5lbs and I am very pleased with this! If you are considering trying Weight Wathcers Pro Points I would recommend it - it really does not feel like I am restricitng myself in what I eat. And as a household we are so much healthier already!

We are off on holiday for 10 days this weekend and I am so excited. I have had enough of the cold damp weather and I am ready for some warmth and sunshine! N and I have both been working a lot and often are still working on the website at midnight only for him to be back up for work at 5am. We are both ready for some chill out time and lots of time with little Miss O!

I am going to really make the effort to take outfit pictures while we are away and blog on my return. I have never managed to do this yet and I am keen to do it this time.

I hope that all is well with you all and that Spring is trying to make herself seen where you are!

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