Monday, 15 August 2011

Monday 15.08.


After a busy weekend which included a quick trip to Manchester (4 hours drive away) and a tummy bug........
I am in work today and not feeling my best. I kind of think that my outfit reflects that a bit. It is basic, it is smart but it is safe and easy.

I love star prints and when I saw Anne Hathaway on the cover of Marie Claire wearing a star print top it reminded me that I too have a star print top. I like this top, but I know that I would like it more if it was a tad looser at the hem and did not have the ruffles.

In work I have been neglecting the i am..... online store. I kind of got to that stage in the season where I was ready for the sale and I just seemed to loose the love for the site. Also around this time we launched which sells cloth nappies and other baby items and I have been caught up in tweeting and facebooking to promote this.

However, I have spent the morning photographing the latest styles to be delivered in store here and they will be getting added to this week. I will also be back tweeting from the @iamboutique account too.

Today's look is:

Skinny Jeans - Primark
Cami - Primark
Top- Red Herring
Shoes - Primark

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~Hurricane B~ said...

I am excited for a girls trip to London end of Sept. I will be going to Primark for SURE! I think even with the ruffle on the bottom it looks cute. I adore stars.