Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Basse Mode

A few fellow Bloggers and Tweeters have recently come up with the fabulous idea of launching a magazine about real women and for real women - this concept has been named Basse Mode.

This is what the ladies have said so far about Basse Mode:

Basse Mode is, or will be, a real life hard copy magazine. One that you can buy in bookshops, or newsagents, one with beautiful images and thick paper.

Basse Mode is a magazine about what real women wear, feel and believe.

Basse Mode is a magazine built for normal everyday women. We know that the feeling of flicking through a glossy magazine can’t be beaten. However, all the magazines feature the same thing – unwearable looks, unaffordable clothes, and an emphasis on being and looking the same as one another. We want to condense all the brilliance that the fashion blogging world has to offer into something that we can put on the coffee table. That we can show off on the coffee table. A beautiful documentation of what real women wear, what real people think, and things that actually affect our lives. Nothing like this has ever been done before, but we think it could be brilliant.

I personally think that this is truly wonderful idea and I really hope that it turns into a real life magazine that I can pick up each month, quarter etc.
I love nothing more than going into my local newsagent and picking up the latest copy of my favorite glossy, taking it home and spending way too long reading it in a bubble bath!

I buy/subscribe to a lot of magazines. I enjoy reading them and I use them to keep up with what is going on, in the fashion world, for work.

I take a lot of inspiration from the features in magazines. That said I do not regularly buy the items that are featured in these magazines - I do not have the budget to buy myself £500 + dresses, shoes and handbags. Instead I prefer to remember that WOW item and look out for something similar on the High Street. Or even better, flick on a page or two to find the "Splurge V's Steal" page! I also do not live in a large city or have access to the items featured in the magazines - I love it when I see a gorgeous item in the store that we have near by!

If, like me, this is something that you would love to see happen - go and check out the Basse Mode blog, spread the word and get involved in getting this on the shelves!

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