Monday, 11 June 2012

Customer Service

On Friday my friend and I packed out little ones into her car and set off to Glasgow to Braehead shopping centre. My friend had been shopping on line for a dress to wear to her brothers wedding. A style that she liked was out of stock on line but was still available in store.

We arrived at the store, she selected the dress and went to the fitting room. The dress was cheap fabric that already had a static build up and from not so close I could see that it was covered (and I mean covered in self tan). She decided to try it on anyway as we had travelled to see it and she need to put it out of her mind. It was swiftly discounted due to poor fit and we left.

We were heading back to the car when we paused outside of Oasis - it is a store that I do not often shop in as there is not one near us.

We went in and the shop was quiet, we were greeted and help was offered. We had a browse and nothing was jumping out. My little one was then starting to shout from her buggy so, I headed to the back of the store to distract her with the mirrors - only to stumble upon a sale rail.

I had a flick through and spied  this gorgeous dress.
Typically they only had a tiny or a huge size - which of course meant that my friend LOVED it. She really loved the half price ticket. She went to the sales assistant and asked if there were any more sizes. Unfortunately there were not. She asked where we were from and then offered to call stores that we could stop in at on the way home to see if they had the size we were looking for. The sales assistant did this and managed to find the dress in the correct size in another store that we were passing on the road home.

Her help was fantastic and my friend now has a fabulous dress to wear to her brothers summer garden party wedding. Best of all it was a steal!

I will most definitely be back in Oasis and 100% will go back to the store in Braehead where the staff were so helpful.

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