Wednesday, 6 June 2012

One of those days.......

Photobucket This was very much needed this morning.... for a few reasons!!

  • Miss O has had me up since 5.10am - yawn.
  • It is day 3 of my working week. No big deal, but organising myself and Miss O for 9am takes its toll.
  • It is Wednesday and the weekend still seems so far off.
  • It is cold and grey??!! Hello - it is June a little warmth would be good!!

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stylestyle2010 said...

I also had a crazy early start this morning as the OH was up at 5.15 to go to Liverpool with work, he overslept last week when having to travel to Birmingham so we both had restless sleeps in case the same thing happened. Of course I couldn't get back to sleep when he left then my alarm went off at 6.30. Your doughnut looks soooo good. It was such a shame to see the rain this morning after the lovely weather we have been having x