Monday, 2 February 2009

It is just a bit of snow.....

Yes the UK has been hit my some snow over the last 48 hours.......
Of course it means national disaster!!!! WTF?? It is just snow, yet somehow the country is slowly grinding to halt.

I have just heard on the news that 1 in 5 people have not gone to work today - that is simply shocking!
The area that I live in has not been badly hit, we have about 0.5 inch of snow (we never get much as we are right on the coast) but closer to Glasgow and more central Scotland things are bad (as is a lot of England) but this weather was warned more than a week ago. Why then are people not able to get to work, why are so many schools closed, why are trains not running, buses cancelled and various airports closed???
Why were we not prepared for this?

So, many other countries get this (and much more) regularly and these countries do not come to a total standstill.


Rant over.


Anonymous said...

I'm with you on this one. My husband is home because he can't get to the station and even if he did there are no trains, the kids are off school because every school in the county is shut, it's ridiculous.

Zuzuli said...

I live in Canada...Ottawa, Ontario to be exact. We always get tons of snow and have learned to live with it for so many months of the year. Toronto - only 4 hours away from Ottawa - gets a couple of inches and the same thing happened to fact, several years ago they didn't know how to deal with the couple of inches of snow that they called in the army!! Needless to say, they are made fun of. A lot.

Boutique Girl said...

This was my point - it is a joke!
The police in London demanded that buses were taken off the road last night!?

SHOEGAL said...

I am not in work today, but only because it took me 3 hours to get there last time it snowed (back in November) and I didn't want a repeat of that. I am working from home though so it's not a total cop out. The roads are not too bad here now, but I didn't want to risk getting stuck at work with the forecast for more snow all day. I know we are pretty useless in this country when it snows, but I'm sure the Scots and us in the north do better than the Londoners who never normally get snow. It was snowing in Leeds this morning and that's when you know it's bad - it usually turns to rain when it hits the city.