Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Valentine Present.

I thought I would post the beautiful gift that my bf gave me for Valentines!
I have been talking a lot about the Laptop Lunch system that I see a lot of bloggers use and I had asked for one. It turns out that they have really started to take off over here as my bf could not get one in time for Saturday. So he got me this beauty instead!

I love it so much - it is just so cute. It is by Emma Bridgewater (I love her designs and have been picking up bits and bobs for about a year) and it is a great size. It fits a large food container (if I am having soup or leftovers) and there is still lots of room! But it is not too big or heavy for putting in my work bag.

Well it is now lunch time so I am off to empty my new lunch box!!

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