Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Tuesday 03.02.

I really wanted to put yesterday's clothes back on this morning as I knew that it was going to be another cold, cold day. Thankfully I managed to resist and this is really just as cosy - plus it does look more stylish!!

Last night was an unusual one for me. I headed to the library after closing the shop and they did not have the 2 books that I really wanted, I then headed home and got caught in the snow (for the second time). I went swimming as always and that was all fine, as was my bf getting home from work and us having dinner together. However, I was making a pot of soup (to cover our lunches for the week) and the power went out!!!!
This never ever happens so it was total state of shock in our house, we just stood there in the dark giggling for a few minutes. I fumbled about using my phone and the glow off the gas flame as a torch and got some candles lit and the actual torch from under the sink. My bf checked that it was nothing to do with our fuse box and he noticed that the entire street was out!!!!

Very quickly or heating went off and the temperature really started to drop. So, after we got off the phone to the power company (and being told that they were working on it and power should be restored by midnight - it was 7pm) we took lots of candles and all the bits that we wanted upstairs and got into bed. I made 2 huge mugs of tea (boiling water in the pan) and cut 2 big slices of cake, got my book and we got comfy and cosy. We had a lovely relaxing night I read my book by candle light for a few hours and my bf just chilled. We both had a very much needed early night (9.30pm). Power was back to normal this morning.

Today's outfit is:

Grey leggings - Vila
Grey & cream striped jumper dress - American eagle
Grey cami - American Eagle
Cream boots - River Island
Silver jewellery - Tiffany


Stacy said...

Sounds like you made the lack of power into a wonderful evening!

ohthatgirl said...

I love the winter white. And those boots!!! ♥

It definitely sounds like you two had a great evening regardless of not having power.

SHOEGAL said...

Love the outfit!
And you're lucky you have a gas cooker - if our power goes out there's no heat, light, tea or anything! We have to decamp to H's parents' up the road where they have a coal fire and a gas fire so at least we would be warm.

D'Rae said...

I just tagged you over at my blog to show me your blogspot.