Monday, 23 February 2009

Monday 23.02.

Back to work after having the entire weekend off is not so easy (I am not used to so much time at home). I had a lovely weekend spending time with my my amazing bf and and catching up with some friends.

I am not feeling so great today - feel a bit icky, run down, tired and generally like I am going to get a bug or a cold! I am hoping that it passes. I have a bit of a nightmare of a week ahead of me (that at the moment I am not sure what of it I can blog about) and I do not want to be unwell on top of it all!

I am, however, feeling quite pleased with myself as the jeans that I have on today have been in a drawer for forever as they were too small and the t-shirt has been locked away also. It is nice to know that all of my healthy habits and exercise are working - it is so great to be able to see the results.

Today's outfit is:

Dark wide leg jeans - Vila
Ladybird sequin t-shirt - Boutique in Paris (2007)
Charcoal cardigan/jacket - River Island
Black patent t-bar wedges - Barrats


Sara♥ said...

Congratulations on fitting into those jeans! It's so exciting to put something on that didn't used to fit!

Boutique Girl said...

Thank you Sara! Yes it is! I really feel very happy with myself today!

SJs Mommy said...

I love the jeans! I am looking for some trouser style, wide leg jean, those are too cute. And the bug top is to die for!! Love Love Love it.
The sweater...not so much. I thnk the sweater is too big with the contrasting wide jeans. You look engulfed. I think if you wear a wide jean/trouser, you should have a cooresponding top, otherwise it's just too big. I think either a smaller sweater for the jean, or a small pant for the sweater.