Saturday, 28 February 2009

Saturday 28.02.

I am so excited today! It is almost March - meaning Spring is coming - very exciting! Also it is my very good friends "Hen Party" tonight and my very kind mum is letting me go home at 1.30pm!

It will not be a relaxing afternoon though. I am going to get balloons after I finish. I then ave to drop them and all of the other table decorations off at the restaurant. I will then be heading home to have a shower and do my hair etc. And then it is off to the Bride to be's house to help her get organised! It should be a fun night!

I apologise for the bad pictures today - my camera battery is dying and I was trying to be quick!

Today's outfit is:

Black skinny jeans - Primark
Black cami - Primark
Purple chiffon top - Topshop
Black patent ballet flats - Old Navy

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