Tuesday, 10 February 2009

My long weekend!

I am back after my amazing long weekend on the Isle of Bute. This beautiful Isle is practically on our doorstep but this was my first visit and I really hope to return in the summer.
We left on Friday lunchtime and headed 30 miles up the coast to catch the ferry over to Rothesay in Bute, the crossing was only 35 minutes (enough time to get out of the car, get to the viewing deck and have a hot chocolate). My bf and I were away with all of his siblings and their families, so after getting off the ferry we all headed to the house that we had rented for the weekend. It was only 3 miles out of town so the trip was not long.

We stayed in a Landmark Trust property called Meikle Ascog - it is a beautiful big country house. It had everything that 12 of us needed for 3 days plus lots and lots of room making sure that we were never under each others feet! There was beautiful log burning fires that kept us cosy during the snowy evenings and lots of other traditional features.

This is a picture of the house (not mine one that I found online).

Although we were away with my bf's family we did our own thing during the day. My bf and I saw as much of the island as we could on foot in the time that we had. The weather was fantastic weather for walking, dry, bright and cold and made for perfect picture taking weather.

There was loads of Peacocks in the grounds, they were so tame that they came right upto the house.

As well as lots of walking we spent an afternoon seal spotting at Scalpsie Bay. It was fantastic, we were there for hours just watching and getting as close as we could to the amazing seals.

It was very much an outdoors/walking break so I did not take any clothes that were worthy of an outfit post. But I will share this photo of me while out walking (I had just managed to free myself from a muddy, boggy, stinky mess) I am not sure that this fashion will take off!


Anonymous said...

Looks like a very cool trip and your fashion statement is awesome! :-)

Sara♥ said...

Looks like you had a great time- it sounds lovely!

Boutique Girl said...

Thank you ladies! It was fab!