Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Fit Flop Review.

Last week I was sent a pair of Fit Flops by Fitness Footwear to review on my blog. I had been genuinely looking into getting a pair for my walk to and from work. I was sent a pair of Walkstar in the red colour. Looks wise they are not the prettiest of flip flops, but oh my are they comfy!! They are not ugly or offensive to look at and with casual clothing or sportswear they do not look out of place. But they are wide and chunky looking! However, I am sure that they are going to be on my feet for most of the next couple of months!

But what are Fit flops?? The following is some information from Fitness Footwear website!

Fit Flops are flip flops designed to keep you fit while toning your legs and bum as you walk. Fit Flops are so comfortable, you won't even notice them working and toning your muscles.
Sporting a trainer inspired design, Fit Flops sandals feature an oversized heel for a fashionable look that's proven immensely popular with celebrities while giving the Fit Flops brand rave reviews in the media due to their affordable price tag and eye catching colourful styling – all while providing a comfortable workout when you walk.
For even more information on Fit Flops and more about how they work click here!

I have worn them at some point everyday since they arrived as they are just so, so comfortable. They are so light, so it is not a problem for me to carry them in my bag and swap between shoes throughout the day.
Over the weekend I wore them none stop to get a good feel for them. I walked along the beach and my feet were perfectly comfortable, supported and I suffered no rubbing at all! I like these so much that I have recommended that my mum and my friend (both do a lot of walking) get themselves a pair soon!

I am now patiently waiting on my bum getting smaller - I am sure it will happen any day now!


Elaine said...

Now I want some too!!!!

...love Maegan said...

I LOVE THEM!!! ..as soon as I get home, they go on my feet! I got the black patent ones and loved them so much I ordered the white ones too. LOVE. THEM. wait..I want a free pair :)

~Hurricane B~ said...

I am a flip flop gal, living all those years in Texas made me enjoy the freedom for my piggies. Those look great will try them out.

fit flop said...

I have a pair of fit flops and feel they are most comfortable to wear. I wasn't sure if they actually toned my leg muscles, until i put on my knee high boots for the first time in ages. When i was pulling up the zip, i was amazed at how quick the zip pulled up. Normally i would have to hold the zip together and push my skin inside the boot. I was so shocked to see i have lost some fat in my calf area, which i always wanted to happen. I would say the claim to tone legs is true, as i have seen the results.