Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Tuesday 02.06.

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It is still beautiful here so I thought I would wear a pair of shorts while I can! I really wanted to use the outfit inspiration that Kimberly has provided today as I LOVE coral and turquoise - especially together!!
I am pleased with how today's look has turned out as I am cool and comfortable yet still smart looking!
We are off to the Lake District at the weekend as part of my birthday, if anyone has any must do or see things that I should know about then please pass them on!
Today's outfit is:
White shorts - H&M
White vest top - Tesco
Coral cardigan - J.Crew
Necklaces - Bakers & H&M
Ring -New Look
Charm Bracelet - Thomas Sabo
Earrings - Made by me
Sandals - eBay
Aviators - Gucci


eednic said...

love your jewelry today!

Candycane said...

I love the lake district, you should go to Ambleside and to Kendal if you can as both places are excellent!!

Loving the coral and turquoise, I was going to do it, but I didn't have anything decent in coral lol!!

Kimberly said...

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ - yep, that pretty much says it!

Milly said...

Very nice, i also accessorized with turquoise

Kari said...

I love your wonderful twist on Kimberly's inspiration for the day. You have such great jewelry! The bright color combinations are so much fun!
I wore a shirt that has both turquoise and coral in it, which is kind of cheating, but I did wear a turquoise necklace and wore a coral scarf inside when it was cold. :)

~Hurricane B~ said...

YOu always have the cutest rings. I looove big rings. Great combo. Hope you had an awesome birthday.

Boutique Girl said...

thank yo ladies - you guys always give me such a boost with your kind comments! I LOVED this little combo!

Candycane - Thank you we have already decided to cycle to ambleside form where we are going to be!Keep your fingers crossed that the weather stays ok for me!

Dandy said...

Turquoise is one of my favourite stones closely followed by amber, the colours just scream holiday and with the weather as it has been, it's totally appropriate!

I recently went to Lakeside for the first time, on my way back from Scotland and I loved it, you can completely understand Beatrix Potter's inspiration!! Anywho, I would definitely recommend Grizedale Forest, they have some fantastic walks for different abilities and I also noticed they have bbq sections for taking advantage of those warm, lovely days. I was there for a few hours and was bowled over, so will be def going back there. Happy birthday for then!

Elaine said...

I love the white foundation with the pop of orange!