Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Tuesday 30.06.

Back to work after spending a fab weekend with little Bista! I felt really bad leaving her this morning (and was late for work) but my bf is able to go home at lunch and let her out into the garden for an hour, and I am heading home at 3pm!

We are in the grip of a heatwave here, so today's outfit is just about being as cool as possible! I love this sleeveless cotton sundress for that reason, it keeps me nice and cool! It is great for travelling too!

Today's outfit is:

Black cotton sundress - Topshop
Necklaces - Plume & Guess
Bracelets - Tiffany
Bangle - Primark
Sandals - Holster


Milly said...

Cute dress, necklaces and sandals

Shopaholic said...

I find it so hard to look good in this heat, but you manage it just fine! Super Cool!