Saturday, 27 June 2009

Saturday 27.06.

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I am sorry for not posting yesterday, the day just ran away with me and my mind was full of puppy stuff!
Well little Bista came home last night and settled in right away (I can see her ruling the roost). We woke her and put her out to the toilet at midnight, she went straight back to bed and slept until 6am this morning! However, I did have a lot of cleaning up to do this morning - but as it was her first night I have let her off! My bf is home puppy sitting today and so far she has been very good and doing something each time she is taken out to the toilet! I will keep you updated!
I had this on all day yesterday (you guys were not missing much). This was around 10.30pm last night on the dining room floor (we were there for quite a while) we were just snuggling!!

It is very, very humid here today and the sky is grey - I think our weather is about to break!! I decided to get another day of short summer dresses before the rain (or whatever) comes! I have had these sandals for about 4 years now and I will be devastated when they can go on no longer!!

Today's outfit is:

Gold jersey dress - Max C London @ i am.....
Sandals - New Look
Necklace - H&M
Cuff - Banana Republic
Earrings - Superdrug
Belt - ? from a top


andrea said...

that cuff is awesome!

eednic said...

first of all, your dress and all accessories today=absolutely stunning. sometimes there is simply nothing better than a simple but very flattering dress and with the right accessories, WOW!! and your puppy!!! she is so cute!! look at her cuddy snugglyness!! i'm glad she is home with you guys now! congrats!

Kyla said...

I love that dress and Bista is ADORABLE! Have fun with her!

Boutique Girl said...

Ladies, thanks for the amazing comments (Andrea thanks for reading) - you guys have made me feel amazing! I liked this when I put it on - but I LOVE it now!!

I finish in 20 minutes and I can not wait to get home for lots of cuddles and puppy play time!! I am taking Monday off to get her real settled and to kick start the training! See you guys Tuesday!

Milly said...

nice outfit + accessories
but the puppy steals the show today lol...too cute!

Sher said...

Love your outfit, but little one is going to steal the show from you for a while :D

Jane said...

Cute dress.
Cute puppy.

Tammyanka said...

you always wear the cutest dresses.

*Diane* said...

i always love your dresses. and your puppy is too adorable