Monday, 30 May 2011

Monday 30.05.


It is a Bank Holiday here again today! The schools are all off and pretty much everyone has a day off work - unless they work in retail!!

It is a gorgeous bright sunny day here so far and there are plenty of day trippers out and about! For me it has been a morning of dressing gorgeous little baby bumps - it is really very nice helping pregnant ladies find something that is stylish, comfortable and feels somewhat like them!!

I do not usually work a Monday, things were a bit rushed this morning and I ended up in a much more casual outfit that I had planned in my head! But it has worked out well for the kind of things I have been getting done today.

Today's outfit is:

Striped tunic - Blend @ i am.....
Leggings - Target
Cami - Primark
Cardigan - River Island
Shoes - American Eagle

I have a question for you all! Do you carry a make-up/cosmetics bag around in your handbag? If you do what do you carry - everything or just the touch up essentials?

The reason I ask is, I do carry a make-up bag. It is small and crammed full of varous lip glosses, balms, paracetamol, perfume and bronzer/blusher and brush! This today has broken and made a huge mess. I am going to have to clear out later and I think I am going to re-organise things a bit!

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tracymccartney said...

I carry a small cosmetic bag with pressed powder, lipstick/gloss, blush and a couple of brushes. I have to downsize it every couple of wks though bc it tends to end up with about 5-10 lip products, I just keep adding different ones. I now leave things like a hairbrush, paracetamol, hayfever meds, hairspray etc in my drawer at work to save me lugging them back and forth in my bag x