Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Tuesday 24.05.


Wow - what a rough few days we have had weather wise!! We have been getting battered with gale force winds and almost constant rain! We are used to high winds, but not at this time of the year and with the trees being in full leaf there is quite a lot of local damage!
The temperature has plumetted and we have had to have the heating back on in the evenings for little Miss O! As well as the heating I have had to dig out yet more boots - I so thought I had seen the last of them until October!!

I took these trousers from the shop back before I started on Weight Watchers. I loved the style, the fit and how much more confortable than jeans that they were. I have since removed 12.5 lbs off my body and I am not loving these quite as much. I took this picture after being in work for an hour, so the trousers had been on for just over 2 hours! They look so baggy! Not good! There are now non of these left in the smaller size which is rather annoying! I suppose I should be thankful that they are not too tight!!

Today's look is:

Skinny Cargo Jeans - Vila
Cami - American Eagle
Jumper - Blend
Boots - Forever 21
Necklace - I have no idea!


Allie (Wardrobe Oxygen) said...

Congrats on the weight removal! Even though you find them baggy, the outfit is super cute and the pants look quite flattering in the pics!

Boutique Girl said...

Thanks Allie. I am really pleased with the weight loss although a bit stuck right now!!