Thursday, 7 June 2012


Peplum dresses are a style that I have never tried to wear. I am unsure of the extra fabric over my hips. Saying this I am drawn to them - I think most of the styles are very pretty.

Photobucket We took delivery of this one in the shop last week!

Photobucket I honestly love it. The shape, the deep V in the back and most of all the navy stripes. I have still not tried it on - like I said I am not sure about peplums.

What do you think of them? Do you have one yet?


Kathleen Lisson said...

i don't have peplum. This is just one trend that I am scared will fade away before I get enough use out of the clothes.

SHOEGAL said...

That dress is gorgeous! I have a peplum skirt because all the dresses I've tried the waist hits too high because I'm so tall. I suspect this one would be the same sadly, but it'll look great on you. Try it on and post a picture!