Tuesday, 22 April 2008

I'm annoyed!

Today I am annoyed and a little irritable this is due to a new supplier that I have. All last week a member of the sales team hounded me for payment (there was issues with my bank transferring the funds into a Spanish bank account). The new account has now been paid for more than a week and I still have not had even a sniff of the lovely new styles!!

On Friday I sent an email to the girl on the sales team (who had hounded me for a week) asking her for a tracking number for the package. On Monday she eventually replied, very unhelpfully. She informed me that "shipping was nothing to do with her".
I then emailed the shipping team only to be told that the order had been sent and would be with me when it was with me! How helpful??!!

What has made me most annoyed is that now that i have paid in full, they are not bothered in anyway about my account or my order.
I am currently selling bits and bobs on Ebay and I make sure that I post out the item within 24 hours (maximum) of the funds clearing in my account. I always take the time to forward the buyer the tracking number to help them track when the package will be with them.

I do hope that my order arrives tomorrow to save me ranting on again!

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