Friday, 25 April 2008

Work Outfit - Friday.

I have tomorrow (a Saturday) off!! I am very excited, Saturday off and retail are not words that are often used together!! I have spent so much of this week planning my outfit for Saturday that I almost forgot all about Friday.

Today's outfit consists of:

Mink knitted dress - Blend She
Brown leggings - Oasis
Brown knee high flat boots - Faith
Brown wooden bead jewellery - Plume

I got a new range delivered to the shop this week and I am very, very happy with it. It is funky and looks like fun pieces to wear. I have treated myself to this top to wear with my boot cut jeans (for Saturday) and a gorgeous knee length tan/oatmeal mix cardigan (it is beautiful, honestly).

I also plan to wear my new gladiator sandals, my feet are all nice and bright after my mini pedicure. Now I just need to pray for no rain!!

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Simply simple said...

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