Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Town V City.

I was on a stock buying trip yesterday for Autumn lines. For this I have to go to Manchester, as this is where the agent is for the north of England and Scotland.
The appointment went very smoothly and quickly and I was left with a few hours to wander around the shops.

I had not been to many shops when I noticed how busy it was. At first I put it down to the fact that it was lunch time and people must have popped out to run some errands! However, it did not get any quieter.

This got me to thinking about location. My shop has a fantastic location (I spent a lot of time finding the perfect place to open up). But, I have days where I maybe only have a handful of customers per day. There is no way this would be the case if I was in the city centre. But then I would almost definitely be crippled by rent, rates and the general wear and tear that all of the foot traffic!

I would love for my shop to have a steady stream of customers throughout the day everyday.
But, I want them to be coming into make a sale because they loved the garment that they purchased last week or month, or because they have heard such fabulous tales about my shop. I do not want it to be one of the never ending seas of shops that people trudge in and out of for something to do. They walk with no purpose, they are there just so that they are not at home!

Cities are very nice and I love the hustle and bustle but, for now, I am happy being a small boutique in a small town with customers that seek me, my shop and my brands out!

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