Saturday, 5 April 2008

Push To Open!!

The town that I have my shop in has a reputation of very over priced boutiques. I spotted a gap in the market and opened, what I feel is a reasonably priced fashion boutique. My customers get a nice personal service, they get garments that are something a little different from the high street offerings, they get a nice designer look paper carrier bag, they get each garment individually wrapped in tissue paper....
All of the trimmings that you would expect from a boutique, but, without the expected price tag.

Customers that have shopped with me before know this, I have advertised and stated all of this, I ask all of my customers to pass on the word if they are happy with their purchase.
But still every day I have to wipe nose prints off my windows and door!!!

For some reason their are a lot of people who like to press their noses against my door and windows, yet never fancy just pushing the door open and coming in for a browse.
I have to be honest that I did tire of the cleaning rather quickly, so anything that I was displaying in the window I put large price tag on.
Still I have the nose marks...

I then wondered if maybe I was not seen and therefore the shop looked closed, so I gave the people peering in a wave. I think they thought I was being cheeky, I was not but i can see why some scuttled off.
There are days when I just want to scream "I am open, just push the door".
I always manage to restrain myself.

Well, spring is now here and the days are slowly but surely getting milder, so I am able to have the door open for short periods. I will update if this makes any difference.

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