Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Lack Of Inspiration!

I have not posted for a few days now, this has been because I have been busy in the shop. I have had a few new styles delivered and the lovely spring weather has had local people out and about walking - therefore more people through my doors!

I am very, very pleased that the shop is getting busy and that customers have confidence in me and what I am selling. The other reason for my happiness about my lack of posts is my total lack of outfit inspiration lately!
I still try to plan my week on a Sunday night and revise the options as the week goes on. But this last week I have been so, so stuck. I think the in between weather is playing a large part! It is nice and bright most days, but it is still cool and there is a need for a warm coat!

I plan to head home this evening and have a good old look at all that my wardrobe contains and hopefully have an outfit worthy of a post tomorrow!

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