Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Customer Service!

As I mentioned before I had yesterday afternoon off, so I decided to have a wander around a few shops. Since I opened my shop, I have noticed a few other little one off shops that I had not managed to visit.

I had to go to a neighbouring town to run some errands and it just so happened that this town had two new shops that I was desperate to visit. So, I headed off a very excited person! The first shop was a fashion boutique, from the outside it looked lovely so I went on in. I noticed a stunning little top straight away and made my way over to it. I could not see a price so I asked the assistant for some help. She huffed, threw her magazine down on the counter and came over. I explained the size that I needed and asked to try it on. After trying the beautiful (but much more of a casual style on than I had imagined) top I asked what the price was. Again the assistant huffed and told me that it was £80. I thanked her and left - not actually knowing what I was thanking her for!!

Next stop was a cute little home ware and gift store. I love, love, love nice greeting cards and wrapping paper as well as cute little bits for the home. I entered to a very warm welcome and being asked if I needed any help. I explained that I was just looking at the moment. It was then that I spied Emma Bridgewater pieces - I made my way over and started looking. The next thing I know the assistant was behind me, not to help me with anything but to watch me!!!
Again I left without buying anything.

I came home very deflated, I was looking forward to my afternoon in the local boutiques. For me in my shop, greeting the customers and making them feel welcome and not pressured into making a sale, is so important. I want people to recommend my shop, obviously because of the beautiful pieces, but also because of the service that they received.

It would appear to me that customer service is just not as important to some people as it used to be.

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