Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Work Outfit - Tuesday.

Yesterday was a bank holiday, working for myself I get no holidays so bank holidays are just another working day for me! My very kind mum let me away at lunch time to go to a BBQ at my boyfriend's sisters house!

The weather was fantastic and it was so nice to be there. Unfortunately I have no pictures of my outfit (which was very cute) as the morning ran away from me and as soon as I got to the BBQ I had a glass of Pinot Grigo in my hand!! The outfit was a pair of mint green vintage jeans, white ribbed tank top and a pale green cotton cardigan that I did not need until we were walking home at 8.30.

Today the fabulous weather has continued (my fingers are crossed that this will last). I had a few errands to do this morning before opening the shop so I picked a nice light and airy outfit. I hate being all hot and bothered before I have even begun my days work.

Today's outfit consists of:

Cream silk embroidered tunic - Vila
Black ribbed leggings - Vila
Cream and black ballet flats - New Look

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