Wednesday, 14 May 2008

St Ives Whipped Silk Body Lotion

I am by no means a product reviewer of any sort, but I really had to share my thoughts and views on a product that I have been using for a month now - St Ives Whipped Silk Body Lotion.

I have suffered from dry skin and eczema most of my life, I would switch between thick, heavy moisturisers and prescribed steroid creams. I continually had dry and flaky skin, I had to avoid anything that was perfumed as it just proved to be an irritant......

A little over a month ago I was having a pre work wander around the shops when I spied the above mentioned product. It was on special offer so I thought I would give it a try.
The next morning after showering I applied the lotion to my arms (I have learned to try a product out on just the one area first) it felt fantastic to rub in, so light and not at all greasy the light fragrance was also amazing, so clean and fresh.

No irritation occurred so the next morning I repeated after my shower, but this time applied all over. All day I kept getting hints of the lovely scent and my skin felt moisturised all day. I have continued with the product everyday since and I can honestly say my skin had never been in such great shape, which is fantastic for all of the strappy tops and cropped trousers that this season brings. I know that this lotion is no the only factor that has help with my skins turn around, my skin does always improve in the better weather when the heating is not on.

At £3.99 retail price I think this product is great value for money. It is a 200ml tube and the one that I bought over a month ago is still going strong.

St Ives website says:

Whipped Silk Intense Body Moisturizer An indulgent moisture formulated with Hydrolyzed Silk proteins that leave skin silky soft, not greasy. Treat your skin to a whole new level of luxury and softness.
Specially formulated with Hydrolyzed Silk Protein to provide intense moisture without a heavy, greasy feel
Specially formulated with Moistureguard™, a patented blend that continuously binds moisture to the skin by forming an invisible barrier to prevent moisture loss.
Dermatologist Tested
St. Ives lotions are tested in Switzerland and provide 200% more moisture immediately.

How to use:
Smooth onto skin as often as needed for all over skin therapy. Daily use will prevent dry skin from recurring, leaving skin silky soft.

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You should also try Tencel Lyocell Sheets - they are amazing for sensitive skin.