Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Good Deal!

A few months ago I mentioned that my bf and I were going to London for the weekend - we never managed to go due to work and personal stuff that was going. We left it at that as we had/have our Florida trip to look forward to.

However, I got a call this morning from one of my brand agents and he said that I should be heading to see him soon.
I explained that I have my time off etc and I was not sure when I would manage. He called me back a bit later to say he has the collection until 16th December and was there anyway that I would manage? I checked with my mum and she can look after the shop so I am going.

I was all set to get my train ticket booked when I had an idea!! My bf and I could go down the day before my appointment and have a very mini "mini-break". I put the idea to him and he loved it. So, we are all booked. We go on the Sunday morning (10.30am train) and return on the Monday night (5.15pm train) and we are staying overnight in the Travel Lodge!

I am now looking for a nice restaurant to get it booked up for dinner and a nice bar for cocktails afterwards. Fingers crossed the plan stays put this time!

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