Monday, 3 November 2008

Monday 03.11.

Aahh, in one hours time I will be finished work for the day and heading home (well after a few errands). My bf is away working all of this week, but this afternoon is the only real "free time" that I have. We are having a bonfire BBQ over the weekend, so I have lots to do and prepare between now and then!

This afternoon I am taking my sister to the garage where her car is to be fixed after an accident, I am then heading to a friends home to catch up over coffee (well tea in my case) I also have to post eBay items and do my food shopping. My aim is to have all of the above done before 3.30pm so that I can have a few nice hours to myself before heading out this evening to visit another friend! I get the feeling that I may have a more relaxing day if I stayed here?!

Saturday afternoon we headed to a Halloween party, we ended up being there for about 12 hours - it was such a lot of fun. I did not get a picture of me in my full costume (witch - original I know, I was working and had to go straight to the party so I went for the easy option) but this one was taken towards the end of the night!

Sunday was a lovely quiet day at home enjoying the lovely bright sunny (but cold) winters day. Other than doing some laundry (and getting out on the washing line to dry for the first time in weeks) we went a walk along the beach and really did nothing else!

Today's outfit is:

Skinny Jeans - Vila
White t-shirt - unknown brand
Cable knit hooded jumper - Hollister
Suede jacket - River Island
Leopard print beret - Oasis
Brown flat boots - Faith


HoneyChildsStyle said...

Thany you so much for visiting my blog and for the well wishes.

The Penny-Pinching Princess said...

Ha Ha. Too funny!