Monday, 10 November 2008

The weekend.

We had our Bonfire BBQ/party on Saturday night and it was a fabulous night. It began at 6.30pm and the last of the party goers left at 2am. It was just great to have our house full of our family and friends - what made it better was the way that everyone mingled with each other, all of the kids kept themselves entertained and most of all everyone felt comfortable enough to help themselves to food and drinks.

We set off fireworks and had a mini bonfire (in the chimnea) but unfortunately we had to call off the bbq part of the evening as the rain just did not let up. Our bonfire did not last very long either!!
Thankfully my dad was super organised and had brought his waterproof trousers and jacket so he was kept dry while setting off the fireworks. The weather meant that there were only a handful of us that were brave enough to watch outside, the rest stayed warm and dry and watched from the window.

Yesterday I had the last of the clearing up to do, we then headed out to meet my bf's family for lunch. Unfortunately my bf's mum was taken into hospital, suffering chest pains, yesterday morning. The pains were not heart related, but the doctor did not know what it was, so they opted to keep her in overnight and have her see a specialist today.

The rest of the day was spent in the house doing not very much, just keeping warm and dry. We then finished off all of the leftover food and treats, before heading to bed early.

I did not manage to get many pictures of the evening but here are some of the fireworks and of the 3 kids watching from the window (l-r my god-daughter, bf's nephew & a friends daughter).


Jane said...

What a lovely weekened. I love the look on the little boys face in the middle!

Boutique Girl said...

It was lovely! He was very cute and loving all the fuss the girls were making over him!