Thursday, 13 November 2008

The window project.

It is time to get the Christmas display window in the shop done. I am actually one of the later shops in the street.
So this week I have been getting all of my preparations done. This evening my mum is coming by after she finishes work, we are going to get cracking on hanging the decorations that require 2 people. I am then going to treat her to dinner along the street to thank her.

I am going for a nice classy theme I just want it to look like sparkling winter!! So the colours are white, silver and turquoise. I am having a snow/icicle hanging banner and then snow drifts (white tulle) around the mannequins.

I have made the icicle banners myself from dressmakers wadding. I cut out the shapes and lengths that I wanted and then stitched on sequins to add the sparkle.
Here is what I have achieved so far, I will post further pictures of the end result (when I get to that point).

The cut out shape.

The cut out shape with the sequins added.

A close up of the detailing (my very own handi-work).


SHOEGAL said...

Wow, I'm sure that will look fabulous once it's finished. Be sure to post a picture so we can see!

Sheila said...

Lovely! I used to do the window displays at a store that I worked at. It was a year-round Christmas store, so I always enjoy a good Christmassy window!

Can't wait to see what else you do.

Great striped dress today, btw.