Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Tuesday 11.11.

Winter is most definitely here - I have had to dig out my hooded coat for the walk to work. I had to give in and be practical not fashionable! I have pictured the coat to show the "look" and I apologise that it does not go with the rest of the outfit!! As well as the coat not going with the look, I left my other shoes sitting in the hall at home so I have had my flats on all day!

I have had my thinking cap on and I think I have come up with my idea for my festive window display. I am very excited about it. My mum got me some of the supplies that I need and she is going home to look through the sewing box for sequins etc for me!

Today's outfit is:

Black knitted dress - H&M
Black cami (not seen) - Primark
Teal chiffon scarf - Tie Rack
Teal tights - Primark
Black patent jewelled ballet flats - Nine West
Brown hooded coat - Diesel


Milly said...

nice scarf!

Elisabeth said...

It's STILL not cold here in Texas :(

I really love this outfit, you look chic and comfortable at the same time. Good job!