Friday, 14 November 2008

The window project - Update.

So, I stayed late in the shop, with my mum, last night and got all of the bits done that required 2 people. We worked for about an hour then went and had a lovely dinner. We then did about another 40 minutes, got clear up and went home.

This morning I have been working at all of the little fiddly time consuming bits - and I have to say that I am, so far, very happy with the result.
The following pictures are all of the interior of the shop - I will try to get a picture from the outside in when it gets dark in a bit.

Snow flakes hanging over candy cane ribbon wrapped barrier! Also star fairy lights.

Candy cane ribbon bows trimming some display shelves.

The inside shot of the window.

A closer shot of the hanging decorations.

View from the door into the shop.
Hanging decorations over the counter.

Close up of what is hanging from the ceiling. The disco balls are bouncing light about like mad - it looks fab!

Cute little glittery stars.


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Hillary said...

Your shop looks so good. You and your mom did a great job with the decorations! said...

It was cool to finally see the inside of the shop - looks cute.