Thursday, 19 November 2009

Thursday 19.11.


Sale day is here and it is all go, go, go with me. As well as work I have an appointment with the midwife this afternoon and I have to go home and see to the puppy as my bf is working late too!

I was going to wear a dress for the sale tonight, but I figured that I am pretty much going to be in dresses until June so I might as well wear my jeans while they still fit me! 16 weeks pregnant tomorrow and my own (not maternity) skinny jeans still fit me - yay to that!!

Today's outfit is:

Black Skinny Jeans - Primark
Black vest - Tesco
Teal cardigan - Matalan
Necklace - Forever 21
Shoes - Old Navy


Clare said...

I love that necklace!

ShopKim said...

Looing good! Very cool necklace. That's great that your jeans still fit. Wear them as long as you can! :-) I was itching to be in maternity clothes my first time around but then was so sick of them by the end.

eednic said...

i am quite glad to see that your necklace is from Forever 21, because i think i NEED one. it's so incredibly gorgeous!!!

~Hurricane B~ said...

Oh my gosh, I have been so busy I have not been commenting on all my fav blogs for awhile. CONGRATS!!! Wow 4 months preggo? That is great. I think you look fab. I love teal on you.