Friday, 19 December 2008

Friday 19.12.

I am still suffering with my cold - I now have a cough which I am praying stays throaty and does not head down into my chest. But, I decided that the comfy cosy dressing was not doing anything to help lift me up, so I looked one of my favourite dresses to wear today. I am so glad that I did as I feel that I look so much better (even if I do not feel it).

My friend came round for a few hours last night and we had a lovely catch up, we even managed to get another arranged for when we are both off in the new year. This evening after work my bf and I are are going swimming and I then plan to try and get all of the Christmas gifts wrapped up. I am wanting to keep Sunday free to have some baking trial runs!! I am making half of the Christmas dinner (my mum is doing the other) and I want to make my own bread to have with the soup - I have never made bread but have found a recipe that claims to be EASY. I am also hoping to make a chocolate tart.

Today's outfit is:

Tribal print dress - Vila
Grey tights - Primark
Black cropped cardigan - Primark
Black necklace - Ann Taylor Loft
Pewter shoes - Nine West

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SHOEGAL said...

I always love this dress on you, it looks fab!