Monday, 29 December 2008

Monday 29.12.

I am in the shop today but I am still not feeling my best, so thankfully my mum is letting me go home at lunchtime to get back to my spot on the sofa!
I have never had a tooth out before yesterday and I found the entire experience a bit traumatic. Thankfully I am now in no pain, but I do feel quite bruised and battered (the tooth was an upper molar and it took a bit of work to get it free).

The shop (so far) has been really quiet and I am taking this as a bit of blessing. As much as I hate to be quiet, I do not think that I could comfortably make conversation to strangers.
Oh well not too long now until home time!

Today's outfit is:

Skinny Jeans - Vila
White cami - Primark
Tartan shirt - Hollister (Christmas Gift)
Red ballet flats - Tod's


V said...

Glad you are getting to feel better! Love the shirt too.

Stacy said...

Take care of yourself and feel better! I plan to sack out on the couch too, although I'm not sick (just feeling lazy).