Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Wednesday 10.12.

Wednesday?? So soon?? This week is flying in for me so far - which is a good thing as I am off my little overnight trip to Manchester (with the bf) on Sunday morning.

I was unsure of what outfit I wanted to wear today, when I was planning it last night, but I saw this (my favorite) skirt and that was it decision made! Again it has not disappointed me, I love to wear this item. At the moment it is one of my very favorite items in my wardrobe!

I had my first Weight Watchers meeting this morning and I feel so great about actually doing something about a thing that was/is bothering me. I have dinner for this evening all prepared already and I am going out my weekly walk with my friend - I think I will then be having a nice early night!

Today's outfit is:

Skirt - French Connection
Black long sleeved t-shirt - Primark
Black cardigan - Vila
Black patterned tights - Tesco
Black wedges - Faith
Multi colour necklace - Bakers
Coral scarf - Next


V said...

I love this skirt!

Londyn said...

Great skirt! Can we see a close up??

Boutique Girl said...

I will take a close up picture next time I wear this skirt - which will probably be in the next week or 2!