Saturday, 6 December 2008

Saturday 06.12.

Ah, it feels so nice to only work a 2 day week - I could get used to this!!!! Yeah right, like that will ever happen!

It is very, very cold today, there was a thick frost this morning that has not really lifted. So, I decided to stick with jeans but try and smarten the look up. I am so happy with the way this outfit turned out. The shirt and the boots are all new purchases from my trip, as is the jewellery! I love wearing new clothes.

I have very little planned for the rest of the weekend, tonight is a light dinner then a nice walk along the beach (I love to walk along the beach in the dark and cold) and back in time to watch the X Factor - it's getting exciting!
Sunday if the weather stays dry, I think we will try and spend sometime outside probably another walk somewhere.

Today's outfit is:

Black skinny jeans - Primark
Black t-shirt - H&M
Tartan shirt - Gap
Shoe boots - Armani Exchange*
Necklace - Ann Taylor Loft
Ring - Charlotte Russe
Bangle - Primark

* The shoe boots (or Shoots as I like to call them) are the biggest bargain I have had in a long time! They were originally over $100 (maybe around $149) they were reduced to $49 for Black Friday - Bargain. I was not in the store on Black Friday (it was crazy) but I was on Monday and there was a further 20% off! So I got them in grey too!


V said...

I love the plaid ruffle shirt and the booties!

SHOEGAL said...

Fantastic shirt and boots! My new purple booties are very similar to those. And I'm loving plaid shirts at the moment.

Great to have you back, hope you enjoyed your trip.

Milly said...

i love the whole outfit