Monday, 29 December 2008

Saturday 27.12.

Saturday was not a good day for me at all. It was the first day of my winter sale and I was really suffering with toothache! It got so bad that I was being sick and had to close up the shop early to go home to bed. The rest of my weekend was then spent in bed, on the sofa under a duvet or in the Hospital where I had to get an emergency appointment to see the on call dentist and have the tooth pulled. All in all not fun at all! (Sorry for the bad pictures but I am still not feeling the best).

Saturday is now a bit of blur to me - I honestly do not remember taking my picture for the blog, but it is here on the camera!!

Saturday's outfit was:

Black skinny jeans - Primark
Black long sleeved t-shirt - Primark
Charcoal cardigan - River Island (Christmas gift)
Black Cardy boots - Ugg (Christmas gift)

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