Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Tuesday 30.12.

A full day in the shop for me today, I am feeling better but I still have a little discomfort and a bit of pain when I am eating. But in general I am feeling much better than I was over the weekend.
It has turned very cold here again and we have had a hard frost for a few days. So this morning my main concern when dressing was warmth. I am pleased to say that my choice was a good one - I have been lovely and cosy all day!

Today's outfit is:

Straight leg jeans - Vila
Cream v-neck sweater - Primark
Cream & orange cardigan - Vila
Orange scarf - eBay
Tan cowboy boots - Topshop


SHOEGAL said...

Glad you are feeling better, here's to a further improvement tomorrow!
Love the orange scarf. I just read that orange is set to be big in 2009.

Boutique Girl said...

Yay!! That is good news I LOVE orange. It is my new favorite colour!!