Thursday, 18 December 2008

Thursday 18.12

Whatever possessed me to say that I was feeling much better yesterday??? I have been awake most of the night coughing and blowing my (sore) nose! I feel terrible again today, but I am focused on the fact that I have a week to get better in time for my days off of the holiday period!!

Thankfully I had already selected this outfit before going to bed last night, and therefore did not have to think too much about what I was going to do this morning. The chiffon blouse is sleeveless and is now just too cold to wear alone so I thought this cardigan might work with it. The cardigan is really light and a very fine knit and in my opinion makes for a nice addition to this look!

Today's outfit is:

Wide leg jeans - American Eagle
Grey vest - Topshop
Grey Chiffon ruffle blouse - Primark
Grey long cardigan - Vila
Multi colour beads - Ann Taylor Loft
Grey boots - Topshop


Stacy said...

The outfit looks great! Feel better!

Boutique Girl said...

Thanks, I am pretty happy with how it has all turned out!

SHOEGAL said...

Great outfit!

OK, my cold remedy tips:
Night Nurse cough medicine from the chemist - bright green but it totally works and helps you sleep
Hot Ribena or other fruit squash for a sore throat
Lemsip Max Strength
Boots lip balm with camomile extract (the one in the blue tube) for your nose - smear it all over your nose before bed. Camomile helps you sleep and the lip balm will soften your skin over night without stinging like cream would. The night nurse will knock you for 6 as well!

Hope you feel better soon.

Boutique Girl said...


Thank you so much! Before becoming BoutiqueGirl I worked in a pharmacy so I already know of the greatness that is Night Nurse (esp liquid). Thanks for the other tips - today I am coughing like a 40 a day smoker - NICE!!