Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Birthday Wish List.

I think I may have started to compose my birthday wish list a bit early - my birthday is not until the middle of June - I can not help but look at all of the lovely things that are on offer online!

I love Checking out Urban Outfitters (especially the sale section) and this morning I have stumbled across two beautiful necklaces that I think I may just have to add to the list! I think I may be a disappointed girl come my birthday!

I love the wing necklace (I think it would look great with what I am wearing today!) and I think that the £24.00 price tag is not too steep!

I LOVE this statement Bib necklace £32.00, I can picture it with my skinny jeans and a plain white round neck t-shirt!

I must keep on my best behaviour for the next few weeks!!

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