Monday, 18 May 2009

Monday 18.05.

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Ode to Coco!

I love this look, I feel very smart and put together. But skinny jeans are a great way to start off the week!

This top was a style that sold like hot cakes last spring and I am so glad that I held on to it as it is nice and smart, yet loose and comfy to wear! However, I have just noticed a small mark on the front of the top - I really hope that it comes out when I wash it!

I had a lovely (busy) weekend. The weather held out and we were able to have a nice little BBQ on Saturday night. On Sunday we got up early and went to a local car boot sale and got some lovely plants for my patio pots. My bf had a job to do near Loch Lomond as it was a nice day I decided to go along for the ride. I had a lovely afternoon, being driven about the beautiful countryside, reading Twilight when we were stopped. Sunday night we headed to Glasgow to see a band play in a great bar!
All in all it was a fantastic weekend!

Today's outfit is:

Black Skinny Jeans - Primark
Cream top - BlendShe
Cream & Black shoes - New Look
Faux Pearls - eBay
Black necklace - H&M
Bangles - Primark
Ring - H&M


Jane said...

Love the collage!

Boutique Girl said...

Thank you Jane, just trying to mix things up a bit!

Kyla said...

Great outfit! You have an awesome style that I fancy quite a bit. Glad I found your blog!

Boutique Girl said...

Kyla - Thank you so, so much for the huge compliment!

Milly said...

you look great!...i almost added a black jacket too lol

*Diane* said...

Very chic! That necklace is gorgeous. i kinda wish i lived in the UK, i'd love to visit your store.

Elaine said...

So classic! Black&white never disappoints. Love this!

Anonymous said...

You make classic black and white anything but boring!!! Love all the interesting details ~ the shoes, bangle, top!

Fell4fashion said...

I LOVE those skinny jeans!!!

Boutique Girl said...

Thank you all. I think I will be wearing this combo again soon!

Kari said...

That is the most gorgeous outfit! I love the shoes and the top especially, but the whole picture just works.