Monday, 4 May 2009

Monday 04.05.

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I decided to sport a casual look today as it is yet another Bank Holiday here. They always go one of two ways - either very , very quiet as everyone that is lucky enough to be off work goes out and about for the day or really busy (this is always weather dependant as my shop is in a seaside town).

Today it is really, really quiet. The weather has turned after a beautiful weekend and we have had drizzly rain and wind all day - not good as umbrellas are useless! I am thinking that I may head home a little early (maybe 30 minutes earlier than usual) but I will see how the nest few hours play out!

However, I had planned the casual outfit as I still had lots to get done after being off - most of which was unpacking, pricing and putting away the new styles that are not on display. Skirts and dresses are not the best for lugging boxes up and down stairs and crawling around on the floor!

I have stocked this t-shirt, that I have on today, on and off since I opened the shop in September 2007. It is always a quick seller and I had never before managed to get one for myself, this time when I ordered I decided to add an additional one in for myself. I am so happy that I did as I really feel that the gold print on this washed out black tee helps make a jeans and tee look (with the addition of accessories, of course) a bit smarter!

Today's outfit is:

Jeans - French Connection
Goonies never say die t-shirt - Famous Forever
Black patent t-bar wedges - Barrattsleft">
Gold cuff - Banana Republic
Earrings - Primark
Gold necklace - H&M


Milly said...

Love the that shirt...where did you get it from?

Anonymous said...

That tee is too cute - glad you got one for yourself.

*Diane* said...

That gold cuff is too cool.