Thursday, 14 May 2009

Thursday 14.05.

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I could not manage to make Kimberly's outfit inspiration work for me this morning. The dress that I was going to wear, felt just a bit too short for me.

I was putting some washing away on Sunday and one of my drawers was sticking and not closing all the way. I pulled the drawer out and had a look and I could not see anything. I then pulled out the one above and below and found this cardigan wedged in a very tight space! I clearly have far too many clothes as I had not missed this cardigan! I felt so bad I decided to wear it today, it also gave me an excuse to wear my cute little red shoes too!

I like this outfit, it is smart, I feel well put together and still fun. I just wish that I had a cute red necklace as this black one is just lost in the dress! I also wish I had a red belt. I a think I will add both items to the list for my suggestion list for my up coming birthday!

Today's outfit is:

Black jersey dress with jewelled neckline - Ann Taylor Loft
Striped cardigan - Primark
Red ballet flats - Tod's
Necklace - Primark
Bracelets - Molten @ i am.....


Passion4Fashion said...

Cute Cardi! Don't lose it again!

Milly said...

cute cardi and flats...i couldn't do it either..nothing seemed to work the new accessories you are selling at your boutique

Kimberly said...

Super cute cardi!!! The red flats are so great with it too!

Jane said...

You look too cute BG! You can wear the horizontal stripes, and that is fab, as lots of women cannot.

Lauren said...

I really like this outfit. It's so warm and spring-like. Very pretty!

Boutique Girl said...


I am going to try and not lose it again, but I am amfraid that I make no promises!

Lauren, thanks for stopping by my blog!