Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Wednesday 06.05.

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This is my take on Kimberly's Inspiration for today - Ruffles/Girly Girl.
I think I have successfully managed to combine the two in one go!
I have been eyeing this dress on my rail for a few weeks and decided to take one last week as they are not selling too well! Lots of customers are admiring the dress and even trying it on but as yet no one has been brave enough to purchase one!

I love the colour, and the funky print (I think it looks like birds and aliens?!). The ruffle around the neckline are very big but I think that they work with the floaty chiffon fabric!
I decided on the shoes to try and tie in the black from the slip and the piping around the ruffle. Also for a second day running I have had little of no jewellery on as I feel that the dresses just do not anything else!

Today's outfit is:

Pink print chiffon wrap dress - Max C London
Black slip - Vila
Ring - Charlotte Russe
Shoes - Nine West


Anonymous said...

How is that dress not selling?! It is adorable. Also, love how you mixed in the black and another print with the shoes!

Boutique Girl said...

I think it may just be a bit too bright for some people! It is always the things that I love and think will sell out straight away that do not go quickly! I maybe buy stock that is just too much my own taste sometimes!? Who knows!

Sher said...

Pretty and girly girl. Love that color too!

anna said...

i just love your stock...that dress is fab.... i too would look at it but then would worry if id be able to carry it off.- you do.

Milly said...

you did a great job!!...put me to shame :( love the dress!

Mary said...

That dress is absolutely fabulous-- I love it with the leopard pumps!

Work With What You've Got said...

OH MY GOSH. If I had any extra money I would buy that dress so freaking fast. It is fabulous and I want one so bad!~

Jane said...

Lovely colour.

Boutique Girl said...

Thank you all for your lovely comments! I really loved wearing this dress - I can not wait to wear it again!