Friday, 15 May 2009

Colour Block

No matter where you shop at the moment (and I am….. Is no exception) you can not avoid bright, bold colour and I for one think that is fabulous news, we are all guilty of reaching for the black from time to time…. but Summer is on the way and colour block dresses, skirts, tops and accessories are everywhere!

I LOVE colour and try to stay away from all black where possible (I no longer think that it really flatters me). I think that colour portrays personality very well and I for one know that when I feel a bit blue my lovely orange top makes me feel more cheerful.

Lots of ladies that shop with me are scared to embrace colour, but I think that there are ways that we can all have colourful, bright and statement making wardrobe without wearing head to toe neon’s!
Start with accessories, gone are the days where shoes and bag must match each other and the colour of the rest of the outfit! A bit of colour clashing is a great way to make a bright statement!

For the more daring colour block - the fantastic trend that is gracing all of this summers collections - is a great way to turn heads! I love the various colour combinatios that I have seen. I like that many are not keeping to any one palet and the colour selections seem almost random!

Here are a few of my favorite colour block pieces that I have noticed this week while virtual shopping!

Left to right - Shoes £146.00, Skirt £28.00, Dress £25.00, Shift Dress £50.00, Clutch £19.75, Dress £45.00.

And again never missing a fashion trick and always being on trend the colour block dress that I have in stock at i am..... at the moment!

The dress is by the amazing brand BlendShe and is in a beautiful jersey sundress that flatters all figures and hangs very well. It is, as always, a great buy at £27.99!

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Jilliebeanie said...

I'm all about the color-block trend. Hoping to add a few pieces to my wardrobe this spring!